What's in the planning stages for MCCWorkshop Home Page

Although it is now winter as soon as the weather shows some signs of warming up, the workshop hopes to get back in gear! Here are some of the things I hope to accomplish and add to the site starting out 2010. I hope to also start including short instructional videos soon.

  1. General Things
  2. We will continue the setting up a shop series.

  3. In the Computer Corner, lots to do.

  4. In the energy arena, I hope it will take off this year.

Speaking of automotive. While I definitely do not want to start an auto repair site, I am thinking of adding a new section to cover Automotive systems. How things such as engine control systems work, and how to troubleshoot and repair them. How to do proper electrical repairs, how the charging system works, and how to troubleshoot that. As well, we might venture into Car audio systems, and the proper way to add gadgets to your new (or old, or REALLY old) vehicle.

Well, that's a start. I will also be adding reference materials, and tutorials as I think of them. I hope to be on the lookout for vintage equipment, and to start documenting, some of that. I want to venture into surplus equipment, how to find and select it, and how to mine it for really cool parts at really low cost. Some of the above will end up in the How it Works Section of the site, which I also hope to contribute to sometime soon.

And, remember that:

After you join one of the groups above, anything you want to discuss related to technology (New, Old, or very retro), well, that is what these groups are for. If I can, I will answer and help, and if it is compelling enough, I will include it in plans for workshop projects. Lets make them the most active hobbyist groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and make the MCCWorkshop a fun, entertaining, and educational technology resource.