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Below is a floor plan diagram of my shop. The building itself is 22 feet wide by 46 feet deep. The ceilings are 9' to the bottom of the rafters. The front has a 9' garage door to match the existing 2-car garage. The rear door is a normal 36" door. The roof trusses are shaped in such a way to provide overhead storage. This plan is drawn to approximately 1/4" = 1 1/4 feet (oddball, to fit it all on the screen). Green is floor to ceiling shelving, Blue are fixed workbenches. Brown are large tables not meant to move, and yellow are movable tables, tools, etc. All of the fixed workbenches, and the counter have shelving above them to the ceiling. The storeroom was intended so I have a place I could pack with my collection of stuff, and it is serving very well (IE Packed). The electronics bench, and the table labeled 'dining room table' are at sitting height, 30". The other benches, and the assembly table are at workbench height - 36".

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Mechanical Bench Electronics Bench Main storeroom Storage area assembly & work table Central workcenter Book & Parts Shelves, countertop Corner storage of Electronics bench
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