My suggestion for a resistor parts cabinet
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After many attempts at organizing resistors, I finally made up a cabinet dedicated to them. This is my suggestion for your resistor cabinet. It covers most of the standard EIA values for 5% resistors. The are organized as three values to a drawer. The occasional odd value is kept in the drawer most nearest the value. This has served me well over the years. It does help to know the resistor color code (I highly recommended you learn it!). There are a few drawers just for the most commonly used values. Some of the first 6 have 5 values each. You may want to adjust this mix a bit to better reflect your usual interests.

Drawer NumberValue 1Value 2Value 3
1 1.5 ohms6.8 ohmsnone
2 10/11/12 Ohm13 ohms15 ohms
3 16 ohms18 ohms20 ohms
4 22/24/27 ohms30 ohms33 ohms
5 36/39/43 ohms47 ohms51 ohms
6 56/62/68 ohms75 ohms82 ohms
7 100 ohms150 ohms200 ohms
8 220 ohms240 ohms270 ohms
9 330 ohms360 ohms390 ohms
10 470 ohms560 ohmsLess than 1k ohms
11 1000 ohmsnonenone
12 1.2k ohms1.5k ohms1.8k ohms
13 2.0k ohms2.2k ohms2.4k ohms
14 2.7k ohmsnonenone
15 3.0k ohms3.3k ohms3.6k ohms
16 3.9k ohms4.3k ohms4.7k ohms
17 5.1k ohms5.6k ohms6.2k ohms
18 6.8k ohms7.5k ohms8.2k ohms
19 10k ohmsnonenone
20 12k ohms13k ohms15k ohms
21 16k ohms18k ohms20k ohms
22 22k ohmsnonenone
23 24k ohmsnonenone
24 27k ohmsnonenone
25 30k ohms33k ohms39k ohms
26 43k ohmsnonenone
27 47k ohmsnonenone
28 51k ohms56k ohmsnone
29 62k ohms68k ohms75k ohms
30 82k ohms91k ohmsnone
31 100k ohmsnonenone
32 110k ohms120k ohms130k ohms
33 150k ohmsnonenone
34 160k ohms180k ohms200k ohms
35 220k ohms240k ohms270k ohms
36 300k ohms330k ohms360k ohms
37 390k ohms430k ohms470k ohms
38 510k ohms560k ohms620k ohms
39 680k ohms750k ohms820k ohms
40 Resistor Packsnonenone
41 1 megohmsnonenone
42 1.2 megohms1.3 megohms1.5 megohms
43 1.6 megohms1.8 megohms2.0 megohms
44 2.2 megohms2.4 megohms2.7 megohms
45 3 Megohm & Overnonenone

In my cabinet there are additional drawers for 2 watt, precision, and power resistors. Again, you may want to have more drawers in this cabinet (or a separate one) for other types you may use reguarly.

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