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This is a listing, in no particular order, of Books I have found especially Useful. It is neither complete, nor all inclusive. Just a few that I can think of. I will be adding more to this list from time to time. Some of these books are just interesting, and some are good reference books (I will try to make that clear). Many are rather old. That does not diminish thier value, and this is a site about using older technology. Many are out of print, but you may still find them on Ebay, or at Amazon, or garage sales. This is not state of the art, and not meant to be. This is the technology I will be focusing on. It is arguably the most accessable, while still being compatable with anything we do today. Some of thes books have newer versions, which are hopefully an improvement. I can only vouch for the versions I have here. A few are "Standards" that are widely used in the industry. And, I will throw in a couple that are just oddball. My Library spans thousands of books. I promise not to list them all!


The Engineers Notebook. By Forest M Mims III

This book, which was published in many revisions in the 80s & 90's. Is a very good and extremely useful reference to common ICs of that era. It has a large number of 7400 ttl, 4000 cms, and assorted analog and interface ICs, each with a "notebook page" or three showing the basic implementation of the IC, the Pinout and specs, and some simple circuits to use it in. Really handy for experimenting with an IC, learning how it works, and using the supplied "building blocks" in your larger Design.

Carroll Smith's Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook. By Carroll Smith

Everything you would want to know about hardware. Focused on AN, MS and Aircraft Hardware. Explains how to select and use fasteners. Just great reading if you have an interest. Carroll Smith was a Crew Chief for various Racing teams, and this book is highly thought of in the industry. If you make many mechanical devices, build robotics, modify cars or 4 wheelers, or just are interested in learning about hardware, this book is a must have. COntains highly useful information on thread cutting, torque, material selection, metallurgy, inserts, panel fasteners and much more.

The Nutshell Series Published by O'Reilly

Yea, I know, they're computer books. But, I just have to mention the 'In a Nutshell' series from O'reilly. There are a number of these published on different topics, ASP & Web server maintenance are these two. These books are just what they sound like. They give you a very thourough collection of things like commands, functions, syntax and usage, but they do not go into extensive detail on the theory. They give you just enough to be a great reference for a topic. Below are links to a few. There are many more topics in the series. Search for "nutshell o'reilly" and you will find the complete list!

Elcomp Microcomputer Hardware Handbook. Published By Elcomp publishing

This book is old, but still very useful. It contains descriptions, data sheets, programming, and circuit examples of virtually EVERY IC you would have found in a microcomputer from the 70s & 80s, and embedded controllers today. From TTL 7400 & CMOS 4000, to LSI and VLSI, PIAs, Uarts, Drivers, Rams, Eproms, you name it. This was my bible in that era, and it is still highly used, as much of this is still what I experiment and design with. A fantastic book. I do not know if there is a later version. This is the First Edition, c1982. ISBN 3-92-1682-29-0. This book is now out of print, but, if you come across a copy - get it. Especially if you are an avid electronics experimenter!

The Robot Builders' Bonanza By: Gordon McComb

A popular and great resource for basic robotics. Explains the materials and tools. Sensors, good info on stepper motors. Also has a large amount of circuits that can be used as either stand alone, or as building blocks for more ambitious projects. Good well rounded book, and a very useful addition to your basic electronic and IC circuit collection. Highly recommended.

Omega Handbooks Published By Omega Engineering

This is actually a series of books. Omega Engineering - has long been a source of all things instrumentation. Thier handbooks, likewise, have been a staple for anyone who needs to measure quantities such as flow, pressure, strain, or anything else. Thier handbooks are free, and act both as a catalog, and a reference. They have special sections explaining measurement and transducers in detail, and even the product listings will give you very good idea of standard ranges, capacities, types and uses of all kinds of measurement devices and transducers. These have long been a must for ANY engineer. Go to thier Web Site, click on Free literature, and order them! Thier website is also a wealth of information.

Working With Plastics. Time Life Books

This book, copyright 1982, is part of the Time Life Homeowners series of that era. It offers a very good overview of different plastics, explains the materials used with them, and explains how to bend, cut, mold, and join them. A good treatment in a somewhat obscure book. But if you work with plastics and acrylic sheets, it is a good addition to your library.

Welder's Handbook. By: Richard Finch

This book came from Home Depot. It is a very good overview of Mig, Tig, Arc and gas welding. Covers the machines & how to select them, materials, and basic techniques. Not a master course in welding, but if you are looking for some guidance on getting a welder, or the basic techniques, this book is a VERY good place to start.

Pocket Ref By: Thomas J. Glover

This is it. The book everyone who does anything technical needs. The original, famous, Pocket Ref. Published by Sequoia Publishing, don't let the little siz of this book fool you. Packed with every technical thing you would ever need to know. Trig formulas, Pipe Sizes, Hardware standards, carpentry standards, a world map, conversion tables, materials specs, water well info. Incredible, and you have to have one! This is the one they talk about, and you will use it for everything!

Standard Aircraft Handbook. By: Aero Div of Tab Books

This is the 'pocket ref' for the aircraft trade. Concentrating on airframes, it covers matrials, standard parts, measurements, techniques, fabrication, tools. A must have if you work with metal.

RCA Receiving Tube Manual By: RCA

If you experiment with tubes, build or work on musical equipment, or if you want to repair anything with tubes, you will require a tube manual! The RCA Receiving Tube Manual is arguably the standard of the industry. Contains base diagrams (pinouts), specs, tube parameters, and more. This book is out of print, but often copies are avialable on Amazon. You might also find it on ebay, or at a garage sale.

RCA Transistor Manual By: RCA

Like wise, if you are going to work with Transistors much, you will need a Transistor manual. There are many out there. This is the RCA version, and it is pretty comprhensive and respected. Descriptions, ratings and characteristics for most Transistors. Like the above tube manual, this book is out of print, but often copies are avialable on Amazon. You might also find it on ebay, or at a garage sale.

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications - Formerly, The Radio Amateurs Handbook By: The ARRL

This book is the 'bible' of the Amateur radio world. Rules, standards, definitions, circuts for transmitters and receivers, test equipment, antennas. If you are at all into RF, you should get this manual. Updated reguarly, I would suggest getting the latest version. But the contents change drastically with the technology. You may want to pursue one from each decade. A fantastic reference, and a must have if you intend to experiment with Radio.

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