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Thoughts about the initial employee lineup.

In addition to the core group (board), many of whom can share related positions and tasks, and the basics necessary to be in business - accountant, HR, etc, In my opinion, the following personnel/talent will be necessary from the start. Many of these specialties will need to be expanded relatively shortly as business warrants.


A core capability. We need the following financial people exclusive of internal requirements.

  1. Grant writer/expert
  2. Financial Planner - Knows financing options, investment analysis and taxes.
  3. Regulatory expert to deal with myriad of regulations both government and Utility.
  4. Customer advocate - Able to represent customer interests in regulatory issues/proceedings.


A core capability, designers who are aware of Alternative energy & BIPV, and passionate about learning.

  1. Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  2. Electrical/solar engineer
  3. At least two residential Architects (I think they play better in pairs). At least one should have experience in BIPV.
  4. Commercial Architect.
  5. Consulting Architect to work with customer design teams.
  6. Pursue internship possibilities. Offer them to colleges & schools.


In order to build on the growing awareness, marketing/advertising will be incredibly important to make people aware of solutions, and who can supply them. Actual production can be outsourced. A marketing department consisting of:

  1. Graphic designer
  2. Web Designer
  3. Advertising specialists (what are they called?)
  4. Video/media specialist
  5. Marketing internships - especially in the arena of video and web production.


Sales incorporates not only direct sales, but representatives interfacing our company with other entities.

  1. Sales to homeowners - concentrate on residential and single entity contracts.
  2. Corporate Sales - Dedicated to sales to business & franchise. Fast Food, convenience stores, etc.
  3. Automotive - We need to start immediately and dedicate someone to working with auto manufacturers & major dealer groups to secure contracts for PlugIn and EV charging system installation & support. Potential may justify more manpower.
  4. Vendors & Suppliers - Dedicated to securing relationships with equipment suppliers & vendors.
  5. Industry Rep - To work with utilities, zoning commissions, etc
  6. Market & Ad rep - works with marketing on ad sales and tie ins.


The actual installation and site work can be farmed out to Carefully vetted and certified contractors. We do need to have 1 or 2 on staff who are competent in this arena. We also need a 'general contractor' on staff to manage these independents, as well as a technical rep to deal with customers contractors & builders. This is also another great arena to look into offering internships and getting talent from trade schools, etc, as long as they are carefully overseen. We need staff to do that!

  1. Energy systems Engineer - May be CEM also.
  2. Electrical engineers.
  3. HVAC Engineer? (soon)
  4. Technical Vendor rep.
  5. Technical Industry liasion