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Other services provided by IES.

In addition to the installation and maintenance of alternative energy systems, IES provides many other energy related services of special interest to the homeowner or small business.

  • Energy Audits:Utilizing our team of energy specialists, and building contractors, we offer complete home energy audits. We will examine your entire home or building to determine what energy is being used, where it goes, how much is wasted, and why. After identifying this, we will sit down with you to discuss ways energy efficiency can be improved, who is able to do it, and the cost and benefits of those improvements. We will offer DIY help and advice for projects the home or business owner feels comfortable doing, as well as recommended contractors, sound financial plans, and advice on those projects that are best left to professionals. As well, an energy audit will be a part of any planning for one of our alternative energy systems.

  • Planning and Design Help:Even if you are not planning on utilizing our construction or installation services, we can help you design and plan an installation. We can even offer complete designs, materials recommendations, and a schedule, timeline and project list for use by the ambitious Do It Yourselfer. If you need help with just a particular part of the project, we will also be there to supply that.

  • Consultation:If you are designing or building a home or office, our energy experts will be happy to meet with your own architect or contractor to answer questions, provide advice and guidance, and participate in the design. And, again, our complete line of services is available to help with any particular part of the project they can.

  • Energy remediation:Of course, our professional craftsmen are available to complete any energy saving project you may have, or we can recommend a suitable third party contractor. Installing insulation, door and window replacement, caulking, weather-stripping, we will help you get it done.
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