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Welcome to the Integrated Energy Solutions Website.

Within these pages is the genesis of a vision, and a dream. A vision to educate the public about alternative energy, make them aware of the technology, and foster an appreciation of the possibilities. A dream to make alternative energy accessible, affordable, and acceptable, to the general population.

IES was founded with the idea of creating a one-stop source for information, assistance, design, and installation of alternative energy solutions. By taking the mystery out of the technology, and making the process an enjoyable, and accessible adventure into the future, IES has the goal of bringing the power of the universe to the realm of everyday living.

What do we do? By combining the talents and enthusiasm of the entire range of experts and specialists necessary into one resource, IES can offer services that no other supplier can. Among the unique services we offer are:

  • A comprehensive source. We have all the skills and talents necessary to specify, design, install, finance, and maintain an alternative energy system brought together in one company.

  • A focus on Architectural integrity and aesthetics. Our team of skilled designers, engineers, architects and landscape experts take great pride in integrating an alternative energy system into your lifestyle, building, and landscape. Utilizing the latest advanced technologies we can turn an alternative energy system into one that blends in with the background, and enhances the surroundings, all the while operating invisibly and tirelessly to bring you energy savings, and environmental benefits.

  • A wide range of technologies. We can design systems using Solar Photovoltaic, Solar thermal, geothermal, wind power, and passive energy saving measures that work together as one whole to meet your goals.

  • Competence. All of our employees are fully trained, certified, and not only good at what they do, but passionate about the process. We believe in what we do!

Integrated Energy Solutions designs, installs and maintains these systems:

Example of a typical project

From the moment you decide you want to find out more about alternative energy, and how it can fit into your needs, lifestyle, and budget, simply contact us, and our team of alternative energy experts will guide and inform you through the entire process.

We will first schedule a convienent meeting where you will sit down with our engineers, and financial experts to define your needs, determine what solution will work best for you, and assemble a complete road map of the process. You will be informed at every step of the way, and we are always available to answer your questions.

After that initial consultation, and with approval of the plan, our experts will begin the process of site surveys, financing, finding and applying for applicable grants, subsidies and credits, working with your existing energy suppliers, and satisfying all legal requirements necessary for the project to move forward. We will then create detailed specifications and plans in order to proceed to the next step. Again, you will be kept fully informed of our progress during this stage.

Once the paperwork is done, the exciting part starts. Our team of technicians and craftsmen will install your system to the highest standards. We will work with the electric companies to properly interface your system to the grid.

You will now be ready to experience the savings and satisfaction that will come from generating all or part of your energy needs from a clean, renewable resource. But, the involvement of IES does not stop there.

First, be assured, as a customer of IES, you will always be welcome to contact us to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the ongoing use of your system. We offer this helping hand for the life of your system. As an IES customer, you have a partner.

More importantly, as a customer of IES, you can rest easy knowing that we will stand behind our system as well as any third party warranties. If the need should ever arise, we will interface with our suppliers to ensure your continued satisfaction, and to provide an immediate and agreeable resolution to any concerns. You need never deal with anyone but IES.

In addition to the standard factory warranties on your systems, we offer very inexpensive maintenance plans for the life of your system. If ever your system should need repair or adjustment, we will be no more than a phone call away.

We also offer affordable, one call, assistance if the system ever needs to be relocated, or moved out of the way temporarily for maintenance on the supporting structures, or surroundings. We know things happen, and we will be there to ensure your continued enjoyment of your system.

For your business, we can provide complete engineering, installation, and maintenance of photovoltaic systems to meet any needs. From a small system to defray your conventional energy costs, to systems that can supply most of your electrical needs. Contact IES today to get started saving money.

Combining the expertise of our engineers, with the talents of our craftsmen, and the knowledge of our financial and regulatory experts, we can supply all your alternative energy needs.