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Why now is the time to do this

A number of recent events have conspired to bring alternative energy to the forefront of the public consciousness, and to make today, the perfect time for the emergence of a major player in the home and small business energy arena. A 'Perfect storm' of alternative energy opportunities at the consumer level is brewing. Those first out of the gate will emerge as the major players in the coming years.

  • Awareness:The current administration is bringing alternative energy and energy issues to the forefront. As the economy starts to settle down, and people start living their lives, and doing business as usual again, it will become more ingrained in our consciousness. It is a major part of this administration's agenda. The public is rapidly becoming aware of, and accepting the idea, that we, as a society, need to do something about our environment, and our use of non-renewable energy. The stigmas, such as 'living off the land' associated with these systems are, as well, rapidly disappearing, as they become more and more mainstream.

  • Technology:The technology of alternative energy, specifically Photovoltaic, wind and solar, is progressing rapidly. Many of the previous roadblocks to the financial viability, and usability of these technologies are disappearing. PV cells in particular are achieving new levels of efficiency and installation flexibility. As well, advances in materials have made these systems much more reliable, easier to integrate into their surroundings, and much more aesthetically acceptable.

  • Financial Incentives:Tax credits, incentives and subsidies are becoming more and more available. Energy grants, scaled for the individual user are coming on line. The current administration, through the Reinvestment act, has made available a number of grants and subsidies. All of this makes residential and small business alternative energy solutions far more affordable, and cost effective, than ever before.

  • Competition:There is currently very little competition in the Midwest, and especially Central Ohio, in the area of alternative energy for the consumer. Especially Solar Photvoltaic. There are some companies selling and installing systems. There are some Building Contractors encouraging the inclusion of systems. But, all of the current efforts are either small scale, piece-meal, or both. There are no comprehensive, full service alternative energy companies currently in existence focusing on non industrial, and non-institutional users. Neither are there any existing companies that make the architectural integrity, and aesthetic integration with the surroundings a priority, or a passion. By bringing on board design professionals and architects, IES will be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.