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How we do what we do

The success of Integrated will be assured and driven by the inclusion of a number of core competencies

  • Design:Our team will include engineers and technicians who understand existing and future alternative energy technologies, how they work, and how to make them work to achieve specific goals. They will be driven to keep abreast of the technology, and eager to apply the newest and most suitable practical technologies to the process. They are well able to balance form, function, cost and reliability to arrive at a superior technical solution.

  • Architecture:Having a team of architects that are not only competent at home and building design, but are knowledgeable about alternative energy systems and equipment, how to modify and integrate it to fit in with the building design, and passionate about the process. The architects work hand in hand with the design engineers and technicians to incorporate new technologies, and ensure that what is created will not only serve the purpose, but do so elegantly.

  • Financing:A team of financial experts, well versed in mortgage and consumer financing, cost balancing, taxes, and investment calculations. These experts will keep constantly appraised of the entire array of financial instruments, as well as programs, grants, credits and subsidies available to help the customer meet their goals.

  • Landscape designersWhile the roof remains a prime spot for collectors, many systems will rely on arrays placed within the landscape. Either on the ground, as a part of planters, or mounted on poles. Higher output systems especially will benefit from these placements. Tracking systems need to be on poles or the equivalent. Having professional landscape architects on staff to integrate these systems into the surroundings, and to turn a potentially unsightly system into a key part of the landscape, is a major part of the services we provide.