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Regular visitors will have noticed that this web site has not been updated very much since the Spring of last year.

At least three things have caused this.

I can not promise anything. I will promise that any funds donated will be used towards the furtherance of the MCC Workshop goals, and the pursuit of my Mission statement. But I cannot guarantee success. Neither can I predict the future, or what may happen to deter that goal.

The requisite legal disclaimer.

Any and all funds contributed shall be considered solely as gifts to the owner and webmaster of I can make no guarantees, warrantees, or promises, expressed or implied, as to the use or purposing of the funds, nor to the continued viability, or existence, of the website. Neither can I guarantee the future content, legal status, or usage of My sole guarantee is my personal promise that I desire very much to continue to develop it. I cannot, and will not, return any donated funds for any reason. This is a private, non-commercial, hobby website, and gifts contributed to it are NOT deductable for any tax reason.

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