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Since it is so hard to find information about computers and thier history on the Web, I thought hard about this section. For most of my life, I have been keeping, collecting, storing, shuffling and re-organizing my old computer stuff. When friends would ask me why I was keeping all this stuff, I would say it was for my eventual Computer Museum. They would shake thier heads, and wander off. Well, for all the nay-sayers, here it is...

My Computer Museum!

The History of Computers, My way.
How computers worked (and still do)
  • Core memory
  • Other Memory Systems
  • Early Printers
  • Mass Storage
  • Computer Languages
  • The Logic of Computers
Misc Computer Stuff

A note about this page. It serves as my outline of what I want to do. To that end, not all articles are here yet. Some are here, but not yet complete. Some, especially the technical articles, are awaiting the time to research and refresh my memory of the information to ensure they are accurate. A couple, Such as DEC, I want to cover, but the machines themselves are long gone. And, scattered about is stuff I am documenting, just because I have it! I do hope what I have done is interesting, factual, keeps the memories alive, and is a worthwile contribution to RetroComputing.