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A picture tour of the MCC Workshop

Welcome to the MCC Workshop Picture Tour! I've got a few pics here for now, but I promise to clean the place up (especially the storeroom) and take some better ones soon. This is a working shop. One that is also still under construction and revision. As I try things, many of them change or get modified. I'm still not even sure where I want the test equipment placed, and I have alot of little testers, cables and such to put in place. I also believe in the 80% organized rule, so there are miscellaneous stacks of stuff around.
Note: Click on a thumbnail for a full size picture!

electronics bench image electronics bench image 2 electronics bench image 3 electronics bench image 4 partsshelves image
This is the electronics corner. Bench, and worktable on left A view of my electronics bench. Monitors at top are for house security system Another angle on the electronics bench Another pic, same angle. The angled TV is for worker entertainment, (and testing) This is the left side of the bench. Shelves for small testers. I have parts drawers everywhere :-)
workbench image 1 workbench image 2 workbench image 3
This is an overall view of the Main/Mechanical bench area. Center worktable on right Another view of the Mechanical bench. Cables to (growing) center table cluster are under floor This is the Mechanical bench. The keyboard often resides there, Playing it helps me think. This is the Assembly table. Again, the power cables and air hose are under the floor Another view of the assembly table. Simple, but very useful. This end of the shop is still to be put together.
partshelves image 1 partshelves image 2 storeroom image 1 storeroom image 2
A bad pic of the center worktable. I started with one, then added another. There is a drafting board on the far end. It's a Gathering place & dining room table surrogate These are the parts and book shelves (and toys) at the back. I hope to put a real counter and drawer units under it (Finances). Another shot of the part shelves. I collect mechanical toys, I have lots more floating around! This is a shot of the storeroom. I planned for it to be packed, and it is! SHelving at other end of storeroom. These were to be just for supplies, but...

That's it for now. I will put up better pics, and I plan to also address many of the details under the setting up a shop section, where I will try to explain why I do some of the things I do. Hmmm.

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