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This site is the culmination of many years of the 'I should do that' syndrome. Finally having enough time, I aquired the domain very early in 2008. The domain sat unused until late July, when I finally decided to get it hosted, and put the beginnings of the current page up. Since then, I am working on it as I have the time. Ideas are not currently the problem, but it does take some time. I also find I will start working on it, and get distracted - Like for dinner :-). So bear with me, there are many things I want to do, and many ideas for articles and projects.

This site is hosted with Network Solutions. I found they offered a pretty decent package of features at a reasonable price, and thier support so far has been outstanding. One of my concerns for later use (ideas) involved support of ASP and ODBC Databases, both of which I got with the standard package. So far, I can highly recommend them. (OK, do I get the discount now?).

Partly in keeping with the theme of this web site, and partly because I enjoy it, this entire site is hand coded using Notepad, MS Paint, and Photoshop version 4.0 (And a few other minor tools). It is being created on a Pentium III running Windows 98 - still my favorite for basic home and (non computer) hobby use. Although I own both Front Page and Dreamweaver, (and Windows 2000 and XP), I decided that a site dedicated to hobbyists, experimenters, old technology, and surplus, should be done 'the old fashioned way' (on the cheap). Along the way, I am re-learning some of the basic tricks and techniques (Like how to make an Image map with Photoshop).

Most of the photos, unless otherwise attributed, have been taken by me with a Sony MV-FD75 Mavicam, under sometimes atrocious lighting conditions. Although it is ancient by todays standards, I really like that camera. It is easy to take, move, and work with the photos on floppy (remember those?). It's two main faults are it does not have a manual focus, which is evident quite a bit here in closeups, and it has a flash with a mind of it's own. Additionally, it tends to distort long straight lines (no, the shelves in my shop are not sagging), and it is also a bit slow waiting for the floppy, so I wouldn't use it for sporting events! For my use, the only time that is frustrating is taking pictures of the pets. Many missed followup shots! At sometime in the future, when I can afford more appropriate equipment (with a manual focus!), I plan on re-doing many of the pictures on this site.

The videos on here were shot using assorted higher end CCTV cameras, (which I have lots of). The most common will be a Panasonic WV-CL324. They are recorded on Video tape, caputured with a video capture card, and edited with Video Factory Ver 1.0 which I happen to have. The sound, not that it will be apparent, is done with professional sound equipment, as I do have that stuff.

One thing I do want to mention. Some of the extreme small shots were done with my Intel Play QX3 Microscope. A wonderful thing! It was made for kids, but has wide application to general experimenting, and even has a "professional" following. It is quite cool. Intel discontinued this microscope, but the ball has been picked up by Digital Blue The latest iteration is the QX5. Check it out!

One of my prime concerns is to keep it simple. No pop ups, flash, animations, or other fancy dancy stuff..... During the course of telling a story, I may use some of these techniques, but, I will try to keep it restrained to necessity, not just for glitz. I do use Java, and there will be plenty of PDFs, and other file types, as well as the Media Player and maybe flash movies and animations.

One note about style. I am rather.... Wordy... as my wife likes to say. I also tend towards run on sentences. That is my style, and I like it, and it is the way I write, and I am not gonna change. You get the idea. I also have what is known in the trade as a 'sticky shift key' so bear with me if you find double capitol letters occasionally. I am slightly dyslexic, and, I am also very..... Opinionated... There's my wife again. I will offer my opinion when appropriate, and try to refrain if it is not, except in the Opinion page. I hope you enjoy what I have created. Some people have a book in them, I think I have a web site in me, and this is it.

Finally, my shop is very real, and much used both personally, and professionally. It is also my 'hangout', and gathering place. The pictures and information on here are for the most part the stuff I have collected in my 45+ years of this hobby. Yes, I have a very large Junkbox.

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