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Here is what I can do for you and your company.

Listed below are some of the specific skill sets I can employ to address your needs, and enhance your business. As you peruse the following, you will find a common thread. I create things. Whether information, prototypes, devices, programs, houses or cars, I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands and imagination, and I exercise very high standards for workmanship and documentation. I am highly creative, innovative, intuitive, and responsible, with an inherent ability to learn and understand in any field of science and technology.

At the bottom of this listing are links to my formal resume, and other sources of information about me and what I can offer to your enterprise.

I build and create things.

I work with my hands. Using my extensive knowledge of tools, machinery, materials, and techniques, I can professionally construct virtually any type of electronic or electromechanical prototype device to a very high level of reliability, workmanship and aesthetics. I also have the knowledge, understanding and empirical design abilities to debug, modify, tweak and adjust it until it functions properly. I can devise test methods, and apply them to the verification of it's proper functioning. In addition, I can create complete and professional documentation of the device, the system, and the process. I am especially competent in discrete digital logic including microprocessor systems and embedded control systems, command, control and monitoring systems and instrumentation, including the design & fabrication of complex control panels and systems. I am well versed in 6800 assembly language programming and various dialects of Basic, as well as JavaScript, and various other scripting languages. This is what I love, and what I do best.

I Network.

With a comprehensive knowledge of LANs, TCP/IP, and Ethernet, I can design your local network, install it to industry standards with an extremely high level of workmanship, aesthetics and documentation, and then configure, program and maintain it. I know bridges, hubs, switch and Vlan configuration, Ethernet Protocols, TCP/IP, TIA/EIA wiring standards, routers, Cisco IOS, and interior routing. I am completely proficient with all standard wiring devices and methods including 66 & 110 blocks and distribution systems, connectorization, rack systems, and Ethernet cabling. My talents at physical wiring and installation are second to none. And, with 30 years of telecommunications experience, including satellite data systems, telco data services, and PBX installation, I can easily integrate conventional voice and data into your operation.

I Program.

With a long background in programming, including Basic, Visual Basic and Javascript, and with a solid understanding of HTML, XHTML, and CSS, I can create an effective, highly usable, client side experience. I understand the user interface, usability, and accessibility as well as SEO and marketing. I can then utilize my well founded understanding of database concepts, SQL, and my abilities with server side ASP to connect that interface to your backend applications and data. I am also competent at photography, and general image manipulation. I also have extensive experience programming in Clipper, and previous generation DBMS Systems, as well as a long history of 68xxx Assembler.

I fix things.

If it is electronic, or mechanical, I can fix it. The more esoteric or complex it is, the more I revel in it. I know how it works, or I will quickly learn. I have an especially long history in the repair of electromechanical devices including printers, copiers, and news-gathering equipment, as well as extensive experience troubleshooting at the systems level. If you have an operational problem, I can solve it. I spent 30 years as a technical troubleshooter and field engineer, finding creative and effective solutions to often complex and mission critical problems, and putting those solutions into positive action.

I Write.

I am a versatile and competent writer and journalist. Whether it is reducing complex technical subjects to a more understandable level, creating technical documentation, blogging, providing answers to questions, or writing user manuals and procedural guides, I have a solid relationship with the written word. I spent 30 years supporting and working alongside journalists. As a part of that career I created training guides, user and equipment documentation, and developed procedures, as well as occasionally helping the journalists and reporters I supported in their own daily duties.

I Document.

I am a master of documentation. Whether it is developing procedures, writing technical documents, labeling and diagramming equipment, flow charting, block diagrams, providing access to data, or creating forms and reports, I KNOW documentation and the tools to do it with. I enjoy documentation, I have an extreme appreciation for it, and I am driven by a strong desire to create it.

I Organize.

I can organize anything, and I thoroughly enjoy doing it. Information, data, documentation. Workflow and processes. Projects and timelines. Nuts, bolts, hardware, parts. The shop floor, even the company picnic. I can leverage my other talents in areas such as designing and building effective internal websites. Creating and utilizing databases. My extensive practical knowledge of what the 'bits & pieces' are, and how they are used. My knowledge of workflow and it's importance. My writing and documentation abilities. Even my office skills and strong sense of aesthetics to create the often neglected labels and signs. I can bring a new level of efficiency and accessibility to any part of your organization.

I can help in the office.

I am also a rather good administrative assistant. Throughout my long career I have found reason to acquire many of the office skills necessary to administratively run an operation. I know a large variety of office software, basic bookkeeping and accounting, filing procedures, scheduling, communications, and budgeting. Among the software applications I am competent with are the MS Office Suite including Access, PhotoShop, Quark Express, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Cad and basic AutoCAD, Acrobat, and various databases and utilities.

I am Certified

Although much of my education has come from 40 plus years of actual experience, I possess various CompTia certifications including A+ and Network+, Security+ and Server+. I have an MCSE in Windows 2000 and XP, and I am currently completing work on a CCNA with an immediate further goal of CCNP. As it would happen, I am also a certified Locksmith from Foley-Belsaw Institute, as well as a certified home inspector with NACHI. In the Navy, I was a member of the PRP, and certified for nuclear security, as well as fire fighting and damage control qualified, as well as my primary ratings for the 51c/d Tartar missile fire control radars and the Mk152 computer complex.

I have many other Value Added Talents.

I am an accomplished woodworker, carpenter and cabinet maker. I am a musician, and I play various musical instruments. I have a special enjoyment and understanding of science and physics. I build and repair cars as a hobby, and I am a competent & knowledgeable mechanic, along with having extensive expertise in automotive electrical and engine management systems. I have passed all the ASE exams, although I do not have the "professional experience credits" to qualify for their certificates. I restore and remodel houses. I am a certified home inspector. I can do professional level residential plumbing and electrical wiring. I study the Military: weapons systems, tactics and leadership. I am an aerospace enthusiast. I understand aircraft construction methods as well as  aerospace technology, (and some rocket science). I have a good understanding, and experience with installing and maintaining,  CCTV and security systems, and experience with installation and operation of Pro-Audio & lighting.. I have a deep interest in alternative energy and our energy future. I fully enjoy retro and vintage technology. I am a very active electronics hobbyist and experimenter.

I am based in Westerville, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus. I am open to full time or part time employment, contract, piece work, or consulting. I also maintain fully equipped shop facilities, and offer my services as an independent contractor, or on a project basis. I would be equally amenable to a business startup or entrepreneurial effort. Please contact me using the link at the top right of this page, or via any of the other methods contained within my personal website or in my LinkedIn profile. I look forward to hearing from you. We can then discuss how I can fill your technical needs and aspirations.

You are welcome to review my resume, or specific skill set listing in the below formats.

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